James Ward & Associates

Pestana Village is a 4 star plus resort hotel comprising 140 guest-rooms and suites, main restaurant, two bars, health spa and Winter Garden. A particular feature was the creation of a Winter Garden around which the main restaurant, bar and reception was placed. Traditional cal├žada Portuguesa and cantaria stone was used within the public areas.

Pestana Miramar lies adjacent to Pestana Village and was essentially the second phase of the project. A further 300 guest-room and suites, three further restaurants, hotel bar, indoor and outdoor pools and games rooms were added to create one of the largest resort hotels on the island.

It was on Pestana Village and Miramar that we first worked with David Sinclair (Architect) and Gerald Luckhurst (Landscape).

Service provided: Interior Design (whilst with dBJ)
Team: James Ward, Melissa Billen & Martin Gordon
Architect: Arq. David Sinclair
Landscape Design: Gerald Luckhurst
Location: Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
Client: Pestana Hotels & Resorts
Completion: 1996/2002