James Ward & Associates

Hotel Porto Mare and Porto Mare Residence is a 4 star plus resort hotel linked to Eden Mar Hotel and together providing altogether some 450 guestrooms and suites.Public areas include four restaurants, three bars, two outdoor bars, health spa with indoor/outdoor pool, three reception areas, games rooms, art studio, gymnasium, children’s crèche, conference rooms and outdoor games areas. In addition there are a further three outdoor pools and an indoor pool.

Service provided: Interior Design/Hard Landscape and pool designs in collaboraton with Arq. Paula Bianchi (whilst with dBJ)
Team: James Ward, Steven Caldeira
Il Basílico Restaurant designed by Arq. Isabel Caldeira
Med Restaurant designed by Arq. Gianno
Architects: Arq. João Conceição
Landscape Design: Gerald Luckhurst
Lighting Design: Neil Knowles
Location: Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
Client: Porto Bay Hotels & Resorts
Completion: 2004